Excelsior Wines

the challenge

Pardon us for using the “M” word: Millennials. Every marketer wants them, and why not at 80 million strong? Excelsior Wines was looking for cost-effective ways to reach Millennials and establish a preference for a collection of Excelsior brands. And they wanted to telegraph a fun, approachable image among both men and women.

the solution

We went bowling. In 1,200 locations. With this cohort, you have to be relevant and engaging, and you have to insert your brand into the Millennial lifestyle. We knew that bowling was a popular social activity for groups of young singles and couples, and that bowling centers provide the perfect environment (and a lot of time) to generate trial and awareness and deliver a brand message.

A sweeps overlay added excitement, and a custom-designed interactive game (very cool) was the entry device and deepened engagement. Videos ran online and on the screens inside the centers, and stylish posters and table tents told the brand story. Excelsior was able to reach and generate trial among the desired audience … and an added bonus: distribution in all those new accounts.