Community Coffee

the challenge

Louisiana’s favorite, this beloved regional coffee company wanted to bring its delicious “red bag” to new consumers outside the Gulf states. That required entering new markets and romancing a tough retailer audience. We needed to convince retailers that once their customers tried Community Coffee, they wouldn’t go back to ordinary brews.

the solution

Starting with Hy-Vee, the Midwest grocery chain, we offered a promotional toolkit for use by the sales force. The kit featured a portfolio of fully fleshed out, turnkey promotions to drive heavy interest and trial for the first six months, followed by a calendar of events to sustain momentum. Beautifully designed materials and exciting consumer offers were tailored to the Hy-Vee customer base. One year later, Community Coffee has solid shelf presence and is a customer favorite. We are building on the success of the toolkit approach and continue to support Community Coffee as it grows its footprint across the United States.