Calico Critters

The Challenge

These adorable animal figures from International Playthings are popular around the world but had a low profile in the United States. Calico Critters needed a way to generate awareness and drive traffic and sales to online retailers and to Toys “R” Us stores during the all-important holiday season. And the budget was limited.

Calico Critters Vote for the Cutest Critter

Calico Critters vote for cutest critter campaign

the solution

Leverage the “aww factor.” While experts suggest playing with toys like this helps develop children’s imaginations, research told us that people bought them because they are irresistibly cute. So we built a campaign that was all about cuteness, communicated via extensive digital advertising and PR, plus a Facebook promotion inviting consumers to “Vote for the Cutest Critter.” The audience responded. We generated over 200 million impressions and saw sales increase 95% online and 69% at Toys “R” Us versus the previous holiday season.